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Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal - With age many health problems start surfacing and one of the problems, which are commonly seen among many people during their middle and old age, is the occurrence of skin tags. Skin tags are also known as Acrochordons, fibro epithelial polyps and also sometimes as cutaneous skin tags. Skin tags are benign in nature and are generally harmless but because it gives an ugly appearance, people get it removed for cosmetic reasons. The main reason why the skin tags appear is yet to be known but the expert dermatologists are of the opinion that it may appear due to obesity, hormonal problems, hereditary or even due to allergies. Whatever be the reason, if you have skin tags on your body, you will want to get it removed because these skin protrusions can be something that you will not want to have as it is unnatural in appearance and cause embarrassment, especially because the most common places where it appears is on the face, neck region, anal region, groin and even in the armpits. There are many treatment methods available through which the dermatologists can get the skin tags removed but if the problem is not widespread or too disturbing, you can get the skin tags removed at home by using the popular natural home remedies.

The internet is rife with the home and natural remedies of how to safely remove skin tags and in most of the cases, these natural methods have proven to very effective. Not only are the people able to get rid of skin tags through these natural treatment methods, they have also seen that the recurrence by natural treatments is also very less. Allopathic treatments done by the dermatologists are no doubt very quick and effective in removing the skin tags in just one seating, it might cost you a good amount and if you do not have medical insurance covering these bills, it might seem heavy on the pocket. Also, the treatments used by the doctors are generally intended to provide immediate relief without giving much of a thought on the recurrence and thus, it is most likely that even when you have spent a good amount of money to get the skin tag removed, you just might get it back and thus, you will have to visit the doctor and spend that amount again. Many people have to visit the doctor for quarterly, half yearly or annually to get the skin tags removed. It is even said by many experts on the skin tags that these treatments, which provide immediate relief can actually be the reason behind the further outbreak of the skin tags. Doctors usually freeze the skin tag with liquid nitrogen which kills it or use electricity to remove the skin tag with a laser. One of the other very common methods used by the doctors to remove skin tags is to cut it with sterilized medical scissors. These methods no doubt are very fast but it is highly recommended that you try the natural home remedies first before going for these treatments.

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Home Remedies For Skin Tag Removal

Now, let’s talk about the home remedies for skin tag removal. The first and the most common skin tags removal home remedy is to use Dermatend. Disinfect the area by cleaning it properly with a disinfectant and then when it’s dry, apply the mixture on the skin tag. It is very helpful in treating many skin related problems and same is the case when treating skin tags. Many people who are a bit courageous have even cut it by themselves by numbing the area with ice cubes for a few minutes and then used the sterilized scissors or scalpel to cut the skin tag off. You can sterilize the scissors or scalpel with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or even by an open flame.

The use of acidic substances like Apple Cider Vinegar is also very popular among the people suffering from skin tags. Cleansing the area and applying apple cider vinegar is sure to remove the skin tags sooner than you anticipated. According to many home remedy experts, one of the very unique methods of removing skin tag removal is to use the fingernail polish on the skin tags. It basically compresses the skin tag and cuts off the supply of blood as well as the oxygen subsequently, which results in the skin tag falling off naturally in a few days. However, you need to make sure that you do not use it near your nostrils, eyes, lips or in the anal or groin region. Soaking the fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drinking that water first thing in the morning also helps in removing the skin tags. However, if you are suffering from anemia or thyroid, avoid trying the remedy with Fenugreek seeds.

Skin Tag Removal